Season Predictions (Part Two)

Following on from part one, here are some more answers that will almost certainly be proven wrong:

7.  Which race will be the most exciting?
MG: Somewhere where it might rain, let’s say Brazil.
DM: In my eyes this race has had some great battles throughout the years. It usually falls a few races later in the calendar, but China. Second race of the season so teams still finding their feet and the long straight will provide the entertainment.
RK: Spa. The new cars should really come alive in high speed corners, so sector three ought to be incredible. Plus there’s always the threat of rain.
RG: Australia, it’s the first of season and the unknown, new cars, new drivers, people want to know who’s where.

8. Which driver will provide the most replayed piece of team radio?
MG: So many contenders, but it’ll be Alonso. His GP2 engine remark will pale in comparison to how he describes it this year.
DM: It’ll be close between Vettel and Alonso, but with Ferrari looking like they’ll be closer to Mercedes this year, I’m sure Vettel will be a whining little bitch with anything Hamilton or Bottas do in front of him.
RK: Daniel Ricciardo. From testing, Red Bull seem to be a little way behind Mercedes and Ferrari; therefore he will get good results, but they will be hard fought and enthusiastically celebrated afterwards.
RG: Kimi, the legend of the Mic! Vettel would have been told to ease on his potty mouth but no one can tell Kimi as he won’t listen anyway.

9. Where will McLaren finish in the championship?
MG: How many teams are there, 10? Ninth, then. They’ll beat Sauber in the last race by finally finishing.
DM: 9th. Their car is clearly bad and has its issues. Sauber will be behind them still, and for me only a complete disaster for Renualt could mean better.
RK: Eighth. They seem likely to start the season at, or very close to, the back of the grid. They’ll lose ground early on as a result, but some of their midfield rivals will share the points amongst themselves rather than pulling a long way clear. Their resources should enable them to develop their car quickly enough to move clear of Sauber and overtake Haas, particularly with Alonso’s abilities at circuits that mask their power deficit (e.g. Monaco, Singapore, and anywhere wet).
RG: 7th, fingers crossed they make some progress this season and start climbing back.

10. How many different teams will appear on the podium throughout the season?
MG: Five. Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull, Williams and some other chancer from the midfield. Probably in Brazil with the rain that’s definitely happening.
DM: Top four teams will be on there, Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull and Force India. Williams or Toro Rosso could scrape one somewhere, so I’ll go for five.
RK: Five. Last season’s top three will dominate in normal conditions; however the midfield battle is tight enough that I foresee a couple of teams sharing the three remaining podiums when something extraordinary happens.
RG: Six. Mclaren, Haas, Renault and Sauber won’t make a step.

11. First non-Daniel Ricciardo driver to drink from a shoe?
MG: Bottas will do it for his first win in F1 with Ricciardo forcing him to like that one mate you have on a night out who buys Jagerbombs and whom you all secretly hate.
DM:  I’ll go for Raikkonen.
RK: Kimi Raikkonen. Ferrari look in good shape for podiums early in the season, and Kimi never wants to see a drop of booze go to waste.
RG: Verstappen at Monaco.

12. How long before we see Nico Rosberg at an event definitely spending more time with his family?
MG: Monaco. He’ll be sure to remind everyone he’s the reigning world champion on his doorstep whilst doing podium interviews in shorts and flip flops. He’ll only ask questions relating to the 2016 season.
DM: Melbourne, he’ll conveniently be in Australia with the family for the first weekend. He’ll want people to be talking about him and his decision to retire more than Hamilton’s chances of a fourth title.
RK: Since he made it to Barcelona for testing, he’ll surely make it to the race too. But I think he will have already popped by for a visit in the preceding race at Russia, the first race which is (just about) held in Europe. Also Sochi is a seaside resort, so the little ‘un can enjoy the donkey rides and candy floss.
May 28th Monaco unless he’s had more involvement in the team in which case Bahrain.
(Answer taken: Monaco. You can’t go giving two.)


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